Games: The Wedding Wheel

Games are a way to keep your event moving along and your guests stimulated. In this weeks “What’s New” article we are all about The Wedding Wheel. If you are looking for a way to keep those guests from clinking the Champaign and drink glasses then maybe consider adding a wedding wheel to your line-up.

So here’s how it works. Your emcee announces that if anyone would like the bride and groom to kiss that they can come up to the head table and take a spin on the wedding wheel. The wheel will provide them a small chance that the bride and groom will have to kiss but it could also lead to other interactive events for not only the bride and groom but also the guest and his/her date or table to take action.

In our standard wedding wheel we list various activities. For example, sing a love song at your table, do a little dance, and so on. This is a great activity to integrate into medium to large weddings because it breaks up the time from when the guests sit down for dinner to the time the dance begins.

DJ Magic Wedding Wheel

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