2 + 2 usually equals 4. But if you hire the wrong company because you assumed something that could ruin it all. We know your event is unique, once-in-a-lifetime & special. Why risk hiring amateurs? Have a question? We approach our services with an Attitude of Service. It can make or break your event if you hire the wrong company or person. We‘ll guarantee we‘ll reply to you within 24 hours. We‘d be willing to bet we‘ll beat that expectation. Give us a try. Email us, text us or call us and find out the answers to your questions and ideas.


Will you play longer than originally scheduled?

Q: Will you play longer than originally scheduled?

Um Yes please.

We’re open to having more fun with you as we are a flat rate and you have us for the wedding. Remember, we don’t nickel and dime you. Sometimes venues are restrictive on times though so do the research ahead of time and know the rules.

Why shouldn’t I just use an iPod at my wedding?

Q: Why shouldn’t I just use an iPod at my wedding?

Would you hire a zoologists to perform your sugery? Are you kidding?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen that couple who has done it and regretted that route. Don’t let that happen to you. Why take the risk?

Here’s are two interesting articles to consider about 10 Reasons That It’s Not A Good Idea and Your Wedding Budget.

How quickly do I need to reserve your services?

Q: How quickly do I need to reserve your services?

It’s up to you but we book 1-2 years in advance.

While we can not guarantee your date unless you have a signed contract and deposit. Many of our client’s reserve us 1-2 years in advance. Sometimes things come up and we understand and are empathetic about life changes. All you have to do is communicate your needs and as long as they are reasonable then plan on it.

What are the payment terms?

Q: What are the payment terms?

Small deposit and then your expectations.

We take a small deposit of $50 to reserve your date with a signed electronic contract. The balance is usually paid prior to the event date. However, everyone has different needs so all you have to do is ask or communicate what works best for you. We’ve even done payment plans for many of our clients.

Will you share time with our Band?

Q: Will you share time with our Band?

That’s pretty fun! Let’s do this.

We’ve worked with many bands. Spicy Tie Band is our favorite. Check ‘em out and tell them DJ Magic Entertainment – Matt Long sent you. We will also give you a reduced price when we split time with them. We’re happy to be your event coordinator and emcee throughout this process too.

How much do you cost?

Q: How much do you cost?

We start at $1350

Instead of listing our every single little detail we offer just know we have many capabilities that many others don’t offer. Plain and simple if we don’t offer it you don’t need it. We’ll even customize a package to exceed your dreams. Just ask. Want to learn more?

Have a question?

How many events do you do each year?

Q: How many events do you do each year?

We easily perform at over 250 weddings and events.

We DJ, emcee, coordinate, video, photo and provide ice sculptures at over 250 events per year. We’re passionate about our customers and the word of mouth referrals keep coming.

How long has your DJ company been around?

Q: How long has your DJ company been around?

More than 50 years combined.

Matt Long first started the business in Chicago over 24 years ago. We still have a branch in the Rockford area and also other branches in Des Moines, Iowa; Minneapolis, Minnesota and also in Milwaukee, WI. All of our entertainers at DJ Magic Entertainment combined have over 50 years experience performing at weddings and corporate events.

How do you know what music to play?

Q: How do you know what music to play?

Expectations and using our exclusive online software.

No event is the same. Successful events include a structured playlist (big or small showing your music tastes and style) and then integrating your guest’s requests to keep your floor packed. This is not a science but a true art. We work with some clients who trust our abilities and then others want the night planned out with no requests taken. Whichever pool you fall into we are confident to deliver a solid performance.

Ideally this art is perfected by getting to know you in-person. It’s been one of the things that truly differentiates us from our competition is by working hand in hand with you. Our entertainers meet with our clients at the beginning of this relationship and then again in-person before your event to ensure everyone’s comfortable with the game plan. It’s how we truly know exactly what type of performance you want and need.

Do you use a contract?

Q: Do you use a contract?

Every single time. It’s a good thing.

We also use a written guarantee. It’s something that differentiates us from the crowd. You know, showing you our commitment to the success of your event. It puts everything on paper and provides everyone involved a warm fuzzy feeling of confidence.

Do you charge for travel?

Q: Do you charge for travel?

Not usually. We’re hired regularly in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.

Sometimes we ask for hotel accommodations and this would be discussed up front before you sign our contract.

Do you carry insurance?

Q: Do you carry insurance?

Multi-Million Dollar Policies to be exact. Plus workers comp and a whole bunch more. Most DON’T.

Our company has multiple insurance policies. Most companies in town are carrying liability insurance. It’s provided through a professional organization like Mavon out of Chicago. We’ve taken our insurance approach past liability and we insure all of our people with not only workers compensation insurance but also commercial auto insurance. We can guarantee that most of our competition does not go the extra mile in protection of you and us. We’ve never had a claim and want you to have peace of mind on this most important day. Why risk dealing with amateurs?

Can you cover our ceremony too?

Q: Can you cover our ceremony too?

This is getting to be a normal thing. Plus we’d even officiate it for you!

Sometimes our clients have events where they need help with providing mics and sound equipment for their ceremony. This is something we are able to accommodate you for on your special day. Need an officiant too? Yes, we do that too.

Can we see you perform?

Q: Can we see you perform?


Our entertainers and emcees are out and about a lot. Your event is a private event. We pledge to not invite anyone. If you find another company who allows you to watch them work you might want to consider the fact that he/she is not 100% focused on you and making your event a success. That is because they are focused on the next sale. Is that really what you want? Instead we can offer you video of each performer. It’s on our web site and also we have videos of their performances that we are willing to share. All you have to do is ask. It is not professional to allow non-invited guests to other people’s events.

Another option you have is to also review our “Client Testimonials” in our web site. You can actually call real people and talk or email with them to learn all the little details about their events and our performances.

Can we bring our own music?

Q: Can we bring our own music?

Yes, your music is important. I’d bet that we already have it though!

It’s very seldom we don’t have a preferred song. For example, sometimes we work with client’s who have cultural music preferences that are not available online or in our collections. In those cases we only require that if we play non-owned music that it be legally purchased or recorded and available at high quality formats. We’re all about making sure you and your guests are packing the floor. We’ll even let you behind the booth to pick out that next song. We love entertaining. Can you tell?

Will you play requests?

Q: Will you play requests?

We are 100% focused on exceeding your playlist and guest request expectations.

We are really great at our work. It’s our passion. Plus we only want what’s best for you and your guests. We provide you a private area within our one-of-a-kind event planning software (GigCentric) that allows you to plan out your Must Play, Play If Time and Do Not Playlists. If you don’t want any cheesy music like the Chicken Dance, we can assure you that it WILL NOT be played at your event. Playing the right song at the right time for the right people is an art. AND WE’RE PRETTY GOOD AT IT!

Do you have back-up entertainers?

Q: Do you have back-up entertainers?

This is so important. Yes, and they are certified and qualified.

It’s good to plan and ask questions up front. This is a very important question. Not only do we have back-up entertainers, we sometimes cover for many of our competitor events because they have inadequately planned their days. We’ve never had to use a back-up entertainer at our company in 25 years.

Do you have uplighting?

Q: Do you have uplighting?

Great question. Believe it or not it’s also FREE!

We believe it providing you the best packages available and making them attainable for those who want a memorable day and night. We have a “No Nickel and Diming” policy. You can rest assured that you will have at least 12-15 uplights at your event. Sometimes more if you ask nicely!

Is lighting included in the price?

Q: Is lighting included in the price?

Of course. Can you imagine if it wasn’t? That’s like buying a car without tires!

We provide you elegant quality one-of-a kind dance floor lighting. Not the kind that looks cheap that most companies have in our area. Our lighting is custom commercially made and certified. We guarantee that your photographer and/or videographer will love it because it helps them create amazing pictures of this important day.

How does your planning process work?

Q: How does your planning process work?

You reach us, we set-up a time to meet in-person or online. It takes at a minimum of 5 minutes.

Some of our more discerning clients want to know who they are working with before reserving our services. In most cases our customers reserve their date, pay a small deposit and then meet with their Entertainer | Emcee | Event Coordinator. We provide you an out in your contract if you are not happy at any time. PSST, wanna know a fact? No one in 25 years has ever exited away because we’ve always done a great job for each and every customer.

What can we expect for customer service?

Q: What can we expect for customer service?

The absolute best customer service money can buy. Need we say more?

Actually, yes! We have a full-time person who answers our calls, texts, emails and online messages. We have proprietary technology that will clearly differentiate our customer service. We also believe in providing you with people who have an

“Attitude of Service” throughout the planning process and event.

WE LIKE YOU, so what’s next?

Q: WE LIKE YOU, so what’s next?

Message Us, Call Us, Text Us, Email Us. Whatever it takes!

We are at your beckon call! It’s what makes us different. We’re a full-time professional company. We prefer to meet with our clients in-person, however, we also know that you lead a busy life and that planning a wedding is quite a feet in itself. So if you want a video conference call or just a phone call we can do that too. To hold your date we retain a very small deposit and an electronic contract agreement.

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