DJ Magic Entertainment is a DJ in Madison, but Why Hire Us?

DJ Magic Entertainment is a DJ in Madison, but Why Hire Us?

On occasions, well actually, all the time we’re asked WHY US? Why should we even think about you DJ Magic Entertainment for our Madison wedding? This is relationship is not just about “Why Us” but also just as equally important “Why You”. Yes, that’s right, there will need to be mutual synergies and chemistries in order to work with us.

Because we’ve been in the business for almost 30 years we’ve seen a few things and it helps filter better to make sure both the buyer and the seller match well. Think about it, if you hire someone that you love but they don’t love you the results could be a catastrophe and vice versa. Right? That’s why we think free video conference calls or in-person consultations are really important. This is for both the pre-sale transaction and also for the post-sale pre-event life cycle. Most companies only offer one pre-event meeting if anything at all.

Do you like to be “nickled and dimed” when you are shopping or purchasing anything? Notice that when you are reviewing other DJ companies in Madison that their packages may be listed lower. Unfortunately some significantly lower but for poor reasoning and issue to you. Do you know why that might be? Well, let us tell you since you asked, it’s because they are discounting the amount of total time a customer might need or even still not providing a potential bride and groom the equipment, lighting and insurance they deserve to make their purchase reasonable and give them what’s necessary. Doesn’t that seem like “dirty pool”? Just know, DJ Magic Entertainment does not participate in these practices. A floor of $1200 is a good rule of thumb for our area in pricing these types of services. If you find a lower price than that there’s definitely a hook. Whether that hook is no insurance, lack of experience or worse yet bad reviews buyer beware.

Why risk saving a few bucks on one of the most important days of your life? Start your new marriage off right because your event will run smoothly with Madison’s DJ Magic Entertainment.

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Madison’s Best DJ – DJ Magic Entertainment. Ranked Top 10 in the state of Wisconsin & Top 500 in the USA. Thousands of brides can’t be wrong, check out their Testimonials now on our web site. We list actual Names, Telephone Numbers & Email Addresses of our past Madison, Wisconsin brides, grooms and their families so you can verify your decision to Hire The Best & Forget The Rest! We are a DJ company located in Madison.